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  • hurrygraph —    The Oxford English Dictionary says a hurrygraph is a jocular nonce word meaning hurried sketch …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • -graph —    A suffix (word ending) referring to something written, drawn or recorded (such as a collagraph, collograph, holograph (not to be confused with hologram), monograph, photograph, pictograph) or an instrument for writing, drawing, recording, or… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • -graph — comb. form forming nouns and verbs meaning: 1 a thing written or drawn etc. in a specified way (autograph; photograph). 2 an instrument that records (heliograph; seismograph; telegraph). * * * ˌgraf, aa(ə)f, aif, ȧf noun combining form ( s)… …   Useful english dictionary

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